Haiti #AdForAid Supporters: Businesses Making a Difference for Haiti

By Rob | October 9th, 2016 | 1 Comment

To raise money for Haiti’s hurricane relief efforts, Money Nomad is offering discounted advertising through October 16 — with 100% of the profits going to help Haiti. You can read my initial request to learn more and join these legendary advertisers by purchasing your place on this list today.

Meanwhile, I would love to have you visit, follow, and/or retweet these brands to support them for making a difference in Haiti.

The Money Nomad List of Legendary Advertisers


Dominate With SEO is happy to be able to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Dominate With SEO is an aggressive Search Engine Optimization agency specializing in moving businesses from the bottom of Google to the top of Google.


Miki’s Hope is a mixed blog that concentrates primarily on books and book reviews. There are giveaways, book reviews, and blog post about various topics.

Startup Community Asia

Focus Asia is a startup community for entrepreneurs doing business in Asia. Whether you live in Asia, work with a team from Asia, or plan to expand your business into Asian markets, this community can give you the network you need to succeed.

At A Gai Shan Life, Revanche works to build wealth and enjoy her family while dissecting money, career, and life.

Make a difference in Haiti and receive additional visibility for your brand by joining this list today! Order my gig on Fiverr to get started.

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